What others are saying about Kate  Browning Word at Kate's Branch: 

  • I love your newsletter. Your paintings are magnificent. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. (Sally T., Corpus Christi, TX)
  • Absolutely beautiful paintings! I'm so glad to see you enjoying your creative work. I'll have to find a wall somewhere! (Shirley M., Corpus Christi, TX)
  • I love the color and motion of your paintings. They are beautiful.                          (Terri M., Guatemala)
  • I adore the artwork you are producing now! I've always loved everything you did, but your joy really shines through these paintings! You seem to have found your "place." (Shelly T., Denton, TX)
  • You've been doing some awesome work. The development is just amazing. You are a true artist. Love the art. (Monika P., Corpus Christi, TX)
  • How beautiful!!!   You go girl...nothing stops you! (Kathy H., Franklin, NC)
  • I really love it! I see different things in it every time I look at it. I start by seeing the veins of a leaf and then it reminds me of the veins in the heart. I think about how we humans are very connected to the Earth and we don't even think about it, but I get deep in thought when I view it. (Angela G., San Antonio, TX) 
  • ​Yay! I'm so excited to be working with you! (Amy W., Blink Art Director, Cincinnati, OH)
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