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august 1-september 30, 2015

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Featured artist, START OF THE ARTS IN THE COASTAL BEND, The Bend Magazine, June 2015, page 45.

"Cloth, Paper...Stitched"

JUNE 10-AUG 1, 2016

City Gallery @City Church, Corpus Christi, TX

4425 S Staples 78411

(A portion of sales will benefit the Maranatha Children's Ministry from my home church,

 Corpus Christi, TX)

Kate Browning Word (c)2015 "Dreams Never Die" 

Acrylic on Canvas; 16"X20" 

       For this exhibit of work, I combined multiple layers of paint, paper, fabric and manipulated photography with emphasis on the interplay of color, line, shape, texture and pattern. I explored my intuitive, spontaneous painting processes using some printmaking techniques, along with machine stitching using metallic thread. 

       My go-to shape is noticeably circular for its spiritual significance, sometimes bold though frequently subtle. Circles in my artwork represent Eternal God Who is Infinite, All Encompassing, Immutable, Supreme and Omniscient. The "Moments in the Middle" series reveals a tension juxtaposed with circles, symbolizing God's Presence in the midst of all circumstances. He is always here even as we are unaware.

        I am a full-time artist working in collage. Beginning as a textile weaver in the early 80’s, I transitioned into abstract mixed media in 2011 and began giving full attention to art-making after retirement from cosmetology in 2013. I realized that I didn’t know who I was as an artist. My work was often subjected to parameters like trend, commissioned work or marketing strategies, but now, I make art that satisfies my personal quest in finding God’s purpose for my art and expressing my own creative voice. My process involves a back and forth play, not knowing where it will lead. That’s faith at work in the studio.

dreams never die....

May 7-June 30, 2015

City Gallery

CityChurch CorpusChristi, TX 

4425 S Staples, 78411

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