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Art is not something I produce, but my works are expressions that produce changes in me and my collectors, or you, the viewer.  In art, as in life, there is a closely held tension between conception & completion where repeated patterns often capture our "moments in the middle," and stretch us to new discoveries.

I am a self-taught artist. While raising my children, I studied Fine Arts at Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX with a major concentration in fibers and a painting minor. I have varied experience as a textile weaver and operated a weaving studio in Taos, NM in the mid-90's. Most of my warp-faced structures were double warp, silk ikats commissioned for site-specific installations.  

In 1998, I began a quest for expressing my faith life through my art work. I no longer weave with my loom, but sometimes, I cut and hand weave my paintings and/or collages. I further alter my artmaking with multiple layers and textures in Photoshop. Today, I am still motivated by contrasts, colors, and textures no matter what medium I work with. 

I am a woman of contrasts, a country girl living in the city, a mountain lover living by the ocean. My passion for color, shape and texture, and communicating spirituality both inspire and drive all forms of my collage, printmaking and altered photography. ​ My newest exploration involves Acrylic Pour Painting using fluid acrylic paints and various additives. These are mounted on canvas or cradle board, then finished with an epoxy resin for a glass-like finish. I also use Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper. 

My work is collected across America and as far away as Kyoto, Japan. 

Thank you in advance for viewing my online portfolio. I pray God's richest blessings of creativity to your life's expression.

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Skills Include

Abstract Painting

Mixed Media Collage

Photography Editing

Art Inspired Apparel

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