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I am a woman of contrasts, a country girl living in the city, a mountain lover living by the ocean. My passion for color, shape and texture, and communicating spirituality both inspire and drive all forms of my painting, collage media, printmaking, and altered photography. Mostly, I hope to bring you into the pleasures of my artmaking. Isn’t that what God does when He draws us to a sunrise, a beautiful orchid or a newborn baby?  So, art is not a product I produce, but every work is an expression of my hope to influence the way viewers see our world.  Every artist is a leader...a leader who persuades people to see things in new ways. 
I am a self-taught artist. While raising my children, I studied Fine Arts at Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX with a major concentration in fibers and a painting minor. I have varied experience as a textile weaver and operated a weaving studio in Taos, NM in the mid-90's. Most of my warp-faced structures were double warp, silk ikats commissioned for site-specific installations in Tennessee, Maryland and Japan.

In 1998, I began a quest for expressing my faith life through my art work. I no longer weave with my loom, but sometimes, I cut and hand weave my paintings and/or collages. I further alter my art making with multiple layers and textures in Photoshop. Today, I am still motivated by contrasts, colors, and textures no matter what medium I work with.  ​I consider myself an abstract, intuitive painter, and my newest exploration involves very fluid acrylic paints with various additives that I pour onto unstretched, double-primed canvas. These are very large works stretched for gallery display after painting. For smaller works, I use alcohol inks on Yupo paper. I mount these collages on birch panels, and finish every detail with art resin for a glass-like finish. Every artwork is signed & dated and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

About 3 years ago, I began using circles in all my work to symbolize God and His Presence. Artists generally create visual tension with color, shapes, line, form...all the design elements we are taught about. My message of Circles conveys my belief of God's eternal and immutable Omnipresence in the midst of my chaos, most of my own making. The grids that are emerging in my later work symbolize the fabric of life, yours, mine, our city, culture and world. I see holes ripping in these fabrics, and God uses US, the sons of God, as shuttles to reweave with. He's weaving us with elastic threads and calling us to be flexible. Be willing to stretch and REACH OUT to someone, to fill in the gaps where a person's life seems to be falling apart. Others reached out to me when my life fell apart, and I’m grateful someone did.

My work is collected across America and as far away as Kyoto, Japan.

Thank you in advance for viewing my online portfolio. I pray God's richest blessings of creativity to your life's expression.

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Skills Include

Abstract Painting

Mixed Media Collage

Photography Editing

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